Ford F150 Alloy Body,

2015 Year Model & later-Transmissions:


All of the Ford F150 new Alloy Body pickups that we import, 2015 Year model and later, have the 6 Speed overdrive 6R80E transmission.


6 Speed, double overdrive 6R80E transmission features: 


– Includes tow/haul mode with 3.5L Ti-VCT FFV V6 engine

– Includes tow/haul mode, SelectShift Capability and Progressive Range Select with the 5.0L Ti-VCT FFV V8 engines

Key Features and Benefits:

• Enhanced to work well with all F-150 engines

• Engine power is matched with gears to provide better performance and smoother shifts

• Refined to help enhance efficiency

– Low friction materials used in clutch plates

– Efficient pump performance with improved line pressure regulation

– Thermal valve optimization provides faster heat-up of transmission fluid for better operating efficiency

• More gears help provide enhanced fuel economy

• Full electronic solenoid control of clutch elements

SelectShift Manual Mode:

• Allows driver to manually upshift or downshift the transmission without using a clutch

• Engaged by moving the shifter to the Manual (M) position

• Gear selection is shown in the instrument cluster

• Engine-speed matching helps provide fast and smooth downshifts

• Includes Second-gear Start mode

• Manual mode disables Overdrive Cancel and Hill Start Assist modes

• To prevent the engine from running at too low an rpm, SelectShift may automatically make some downshifts

• Although SelectShift may automatically perform some downshifts, it will allow the driver to downshift at any time as long as the engine will not be damaged from over-revving

– After the transmission is placed in manual control with SelectShift, the vehicle will remain in this mode until the gearshift lever is moved, from Manual (M) back to Drive (D)

– Engine damage may occur if excessive engine revving is held without shifting

Thumb Switch Operation:

• Manual mode switch is located on the left side of the transmission shift knob

• To manually upshift, push the + portion of the switch

• To manually downshift, press the portion of the switch Tow/Haul Mode

• Reduces gear hunting, improves power delivery and uses engine braking to help control vehicle speed when descending hills

• Especially useful when hauling or towing a heavy load

Progressive Range Select:

• Allows driver to reduce the range of available transmission gears while operating in Drive mode to limit the number of gears available for road and load conditions

• Range Select mode is engaged by pressing either the + or switch on the transmission shift knob

Gear Ratios (to :1)

1st: 4.17

2nd: 2.34

3rd: 1.52

4th: 1.14

5th: 0.87

6th: 0.69

Reverse: 3.40

Standard Final Drive (differential) Ratio: 3.55